ZG Prep Classic

Dec. 2-Dec. 4

Dana Barros Basketball Club

1776 Washington Street

Stoughton, MA 02072

The Zero Gravity Prep Classic is the biggest prep school basketball event in the calendar year bringing teams from throughout North America to compete on three courts over the course of three days. 

Media Credentials

Court 11:15 PMRocky Hill School (RI)Royal Crown School (CAN)
Court 12:45 PMSt. Luke's School (CT)Holderness School (NH)
Court 14:15 PMBrimmer & May School (MA)Bridgton Academy (ME)
Court 16:00 PMSt. Sebastian's School (MA)Tabor Academy (MA)
Court 17:30 PMReason Prep Academy (MA)Ridley College (CAN)
Court 312:45 PMRothesay Netherwood (CAN)Bridgeport Prep (CT)
Court 32:15 PMFort Erie International Red (CAN)Lee Academy (ME)
Court 33:45 PMWorcester Academy (MA)Newman School (MA)
Court 35:30 PMSt. Thomas More Prep I (CT)London Basketball Academy (CAN)
Court 37:15 PMBradford Christian Academy (MA)Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA)
Court 512:30 PMNew Horizon Academy (CAN)Putnam Science Elite (CT)
Court 52:00 PMSt. Thomas More Prep 2 (CT)Fort Erie International (CAN)
Court 53:30 PMDexter-Southfield (MA)CATS Academy (MA)
Court 55:00 PMMilton Academy (MA)Governor's Academy (MA)
Court 56:30 PMVermont Academy (VT)Rivers School (MA)
Court 58:00 PMBridgton Academy (ME)New Horizon Academy (CAN)
Court 19:00 AMFort Erie International (CAN)Busche Academy 2nd (NH)
Court 110:30 AMFort Erie International RedRedemption Christian (NY)
Court 112:00 PMCushing Academy Prep (MA)Williston Northampton School (MA)
Court 11:30 PMWilbraham & Monson Academy (MA)Royal Crown School (CAN)
Court 13:00 PMTabor Academy (MA)Suffield Academy (CT)
Court 14:30 PMCheshire Academy (CT)Kimball Union Academy (NH)
Court 16:00 PMSt. Andrew's School (RI)Rothesay Netherwood (CAN)
Court 17:30 PMTilton School (NH)St. George's School (RI)
Court 39:30 AMLee Academy (ME)Canada Topflight Academy (CAN)
Court 311:15 AMBridgton Academy (ME)Notre Dame West Haven (CT)
Court 31:00 PMPutnam Science Academy (CT)Bradford Christian Academy (MA)
Court 32:45 PMSouth Kent School (CT)MacDuffie School (MA)
Court 34:30 PMBrewster Academy AAA (NH)London Basketball Academy (CAN)
Court 36:15 PMNewman School (MA)Canada Topflight Academy (CAN)
Court 37:45 PMBerkshire School (MA)Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Court 59:15 AMAustin Prep (MA)Brimmer & May School (MA)
Court 510:45 AMRidley College (CAN)Bridgeport Prep (CT)
Court 512:15 PMNorthfield Mr. Hermon (MA)New Horizon Academy (CAN)
Court 51:45 PMDeerfield Academy (MA)Dexter-Southfield (MA)
Court 53:15 PMBrewster Academy AA (NH)Cushing Academy Varsity (MA)
Court 54:45 PMSouth Kent School Development (CT)Winchendon School P5 (MA)
Court 56:15 PMMilbrook School (NY)Proctor Academy (NH)
Court 57:45 PMWinchendon School (MA)Lawrence Academy (MA)
Court 19:00 AMBrooks School (MA)Fort Erie International Red (CAN)
Court 110:30 AMBrimmer & May School (MA)Cheshire Academy (CT)
Court 112:00 PMNotre Dame West Haven (CT)Vermont Academy (VT)
Court 11:30 PMLoomis-Chaffee (CT)St. Andrew's School (RI)
Court 13:00 PMRivers School (MA)Hotchkiss School (CT)
Court 14:30 PMCanterbury School (CT)Concord Academy (MA)
Court 39:30 AMSuffield Academy (CT)Dexter-Southfield (MA)
Court 311:00 AMNorthfield Mt. Hermon (MA)St. Sebastian's School (MA)
Court 312:45 PMBradford Christian Academy (MA)New Hampton School (NH)
Court 32:30 PMRothesay Netherwood (CAN)Newman School (MA)
Court 34:15 PMMacDuffie School (MA)Cushing Academy Prep (MA)
Court 35:45 PMBusche Academy AA (NH)Winchendon School P5 (MA)
Court 59:45 AMKimball Union Academy (NH)Millbrook School (NY)
Court 511:15 AMChoate Rosemary Hall (CT)CATS Academy (MA)
Court 512:45 PMMilton Academy (MA)Berkshire School (MA)
Court 52:15 PMPhillips Andover (MA)Kingswood-Oxford (CT)
Court 53:45 PMSt. George's School (RI)Winchendon School (MA)
Court 55:15 PMThayer Academy (MA)Marianapolis Prep (CT)